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Jordan Spieth needed just 1 hole to get back to British Open lead

The Grand Slam is in play and Jordan Spieth did not take long to get back to the top of the leaderboard at St. Andrews on Monday.

It took all of one hole for Jordan Spieth to get back on the lead at the Open Championship. St. Andrews is playing on the easier side again on Monday, so there will birdie chances at almost every hole, especially on the front nine. ESPN's Andy North said every hole on the front nine could be a wedge, and Spieth stuck one close, challenging the burn that runs right in front of the first green. He poured in the putt to get to 12-under and we're off and running toward the first three legs of the Grand Slam.

While Spieth made birdie on the first, so did many of the other leaders around him. He was tied with four others at 12-under as he went to the 2nd tee.

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