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Padraig Harrington needs search party to find wild tee shot

This group, which included media members, players and caddies, appeared to total around 50 members as they hunted through the St. Andrews rough to find an awful Padraig Harrington drive.

Standing just a shot off the lead on the sixth tee, Paddy completely blocked one out to the right and into the junk. There's not much rough or trouble off the tee at St. Andrews aside from those gorse bushes, but once the ball goes in there. you're hopeless. If you find it, you have to take an unplayable lie in the prickly stuff. If you don't -- and Harrington's group did not after the maximum allowable five-minute search -- then you have to hit a provisional.

Harrington would make a double bogey on the hole, which is deadly on this clustered leaderboard. He's now tied for 9th.

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