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Tiger Woods asks what we all want to know: 'What the f--k is wrong with you?'

The four-time PGA Championship winner asks himself the question we've been posing all summer and an open microphone is there to record it.

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

"F***king Christ, what the f**k is wrong with you!?" was the refrain from four-time PGA Championship winner Tiger Woods on the third green Thursday morning at Whistling Straits.

Woods is actually playing better golf than what we've watched at his last two majors. He has been keeping the ball in play, but unfortunately, his putter has been awful. A birdie try from off the green at the par-3 third hole came up some eight feet short, and Woods had had it with all his putting troubles up on the green -- deciding to drop the string of expletives in a day full of them.

He'd miss the second putt and walk off with an ugly bogey that dropped him to 2-over for the day.

While Tiger may be playing his round before the TV broadcast goes live, there are still plenty of mics and cameras out there following him for the live stream. Unfortunately for Tiger, they picked up every bit of this frustrated self-chastising monologue ...


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