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Phil Mickelson hits unbelievable bunker shot while crouching like Spiderman

Phil Mickelson hasn't had a great season this year, but his short game is still among the best in the world. We've seen him pull off incredible shot after incredible shot countless times, but he outdid himself on Thursday at the PGA Championship.

Even with a normal stance, that would have been a difficult shot because he didn't have a follow through thanks to the lip of the bunker. When you add in a steep slope and an incredibly awkward stance, that shot should be close to impossible to get anywhere near the pin. Gary McCord speculated Mickelson could swing and miss because the shot was so hard. Instead, he stuck it to a few feet.

Mickelson missed the par putt, however, a perfect example of his season. His short game is still excellent, but everything else is a work in progress.


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