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PGA fans are wearing 'Spieth for President' shirts at Whistling Straits

What do you do when you want to *really* support one of the faces of the game of golf? You put it on a t-shirt.

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

In just three years after turning pro, Jordan Spieth has become one of the most popular players on the PGA Tour. He has embraced all of his early success and has rocketed to become the face of the game this summer.

So, when you have a face of the game that you're proud of, what do you with it? You put it on a t-shirt of course, just as a group of fans in attendance at Whistling Straits has done.

The back of the shirt crosses out all the, uh, real contenders and apparently one of the proprietors gave one to Spieth's dad.

I'm all for customized shirts and, in time, a future Spieth campaign for president, but he's 13 years below the age requirement to put his name on the ballot. Good effort, though.

This isn't the first sign of superfandom we've seen this week. Some Tiger fans went beyond just wearing a T-shirt:

Gary C. Klein-Sheboygan Press Media via USA TODAY Sports