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PGA Championship purse 2015: $1.8 million in prize money awaits winner

There won't be any changes to the PGA Championship purse in 2015, with the field contending for a share of the $10 million purse.

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UPDATE: Jason Day wins PGA Championship, takes home $1.8 million payout

The Wanamaker Trophy is on the line Sunday at Whistling Straits, but whoever claims it will also claim $1.8 million in prize money as the 2015 PGA Championship winner. That first-place prize will be part of a $10 million purse, tying the PGA Championship for the richest payout in golf with the U.S. Open, British Open, Masters and the Players Championship.

The 2015 purse is the same as it was in 2014 when Rory McIlroy won and took home $1.8 million. The purse was increased significantly last year, going from $8 million overall to $10 million, but there was no increase this season. It joined the Players Championship as the richest purse in golf last season, and remains tied for the richest this year. With a crowded and mixed leaderboard of proven players and up-and-comers, a win at Whistling Straits could be a life changing financial victory or another significant deposit for already accomplished players.

Jordan Spieth has already claimed two $1.8 million purses this season with wins at the Masters and the U.S. Open. Spieth is having one of the most lucrative seasons in recent history. He's won more than $9.3 million on the PGA Tour this season and could top the $10 or even $11 million mark with a successful Sunday. If he does win, Spieth would become the first player to earn more than $10 million in prize money in a single season since Tiger Woods won $10.5 million in 2009. Spieth opened the third round in second place, trailing only Jason Day.

Day claimed the 54-hole lead as he continues the pursuit of his first major championship. He could accomplish that feat on Sunday and would also walk away with the biggest payday of his career. Day has won some notable events in his career, but nothing with a purse close to $1.8 million. Day has earned $4.2 million this season and a victory would move him to No. 2 on the PGA Tour money list, trailing only Spieth. The $1.8 million winners share would also be more than he earned in four of his nine seasons playing on the PGA Tour.

Although the winner will walk away with the biggest prize, the $10 million purse means a significant payday for a number of players in the field. The leaderboard is bunched tightly near the top, so ties will play a major factor in the ultimate payout. Without factoring in ties, 21 players are scheduled to walk away with a six-figure payout. The top 10 finishers would all claim at least $250,000. A solo second place finish is also worth more than $1 million, larger than the winning share at some PGA Tour tournaments.

The Wanamaker Trophy is the biggest prize on Sunday, but there is plenty on the line beyond that. Here is a full breakdown of the purse before ties are ultimately factored in.

Place Payout
1st $1,800,000
2nd $1,080,000
3rd $680,000
4th $480,000
5th $400,000
6th $335,000
7th $313,000
8th $293,000
9th $273,000
10th $253,000
11th $233,000
12th $213,000
13th $198,000
14th $184,000
15th $172,000
16th $160,000
17th $148,000
18th $136,000
19th $126,000
20th $116,000
21st $106,000
22nd $96,000
23rd $91,000
24th $86,000
25th $82,000
26th $78,000
27th $74,000
28th $71,000
29th $68,000
30th $65,000
31st $62,000
32nd $59,000
33rd $56,000
34th $53,000
35th $50,000
36th $47,400
37th $44,800
38th $42,400
39th $40,000
40th $38,000
41st $36,000
42nd $34,000
43rd $32,000
44th $31,000
45th $30,000
46th $29,000
47th $28,000
48th $27,000
49th $26,500
50th $26,000
51st $25,500
52nd $25,000
53rd $24,500
54th $24,000
55th $23,500
56th $23,000
57th $22,500
58th $22,000
59th $21,500
60th $21,000
61st $20,600
62nd $20,200
63rd $19,800
64th $19,400
65th $19,000
66th $18,800
67th $18,600
68th $18,400
69th $18,200
70th $18,000
71st $17,900
72nd $17,800
73rd $17,700
74th $17,600
75th $17,500
76th $17,400
77th $17,300


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