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Dustin Johnson needs 4 swings to escape bunker, ejects from PGA with quadruple-bogey

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After carding a quadruple-bogey 8 on the first hole of Sunday’s final round of the PGA Championship, you’d have to say it’s Whistling Straits: 2, Dustin Johnson: 0.

Video via The Big Lead

It took Dustin Johnson just one hole in Sunday’s final round of the PGA Championship to get his butt kicked by a couple of the 1,000-plus bunkers that dot the links-like Whistling Straits track.

You may recall that DJ, the hard-luck loser at Chambers Bay last month, blew his 2010 PGA chances on Pete Dye’s diabolical track when he grounded his club in what he believed to be a patch of dirt on the 72nd hole. Turned out, of course, to be a sand trap and the weight of that blunder has followed the nine-time PGA Tour winner ever since.

There was no mistaking the sand that appeared to do in DJ’s chance for redemption this time around.

On this Sunday, Johnson began his final round at 9-under, just six shots back of 54-hole leader Jason Day. After flying the first green with his approach shot from a fairway bunker and facing an awkward lie that only Whistling Straits can offer, it took Johnson FOUR shots just to climb back up to the green.

Two putts later, DJ hung a very crooked 8 in the first box of his scorecard.


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