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Tiger Woods shanks simple pitch shot, Wyndham chances implode in one hole

Tiger chunks and shanks his way out of a chance in Greensboro on one disastrous hole.

Noooooooo, not this again Tiger. It had been such an enjoyable week having some vintage Tiger Woods back on the PGA Tour, stuffing approach shots, hitting perfect wedges, and pouring in putts to settle on top or near the top of the leaderboard.

The final 36 holes, however, have been unkind to Tiger and it got real ugly quick on Sunday. It started with a missed drive left at the 11th, and then a poor approach shot that put him well short and left of the green. Then those chipping woes crept up again and Woods shanked one off the hosel on a relatively simple wedge shot. The ball blasted right through the green, where Tiger again duffed one short.

After that shot, he was done with the wedges and decided to putt it on -- poorly and well past the hole. When it was all over, he had a fat triple bogey 7 and is now 10-under and seven shots back of the lead with just eight holes to play. His chance of a wild comeback win at the regular season finale is gone.

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