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Jordan Spieth’s caddie earned more than Tiger Woods and about 200 other pro golfers

Raking bunkers for Jordan Spieth pays off for caddie Michael Greller, who rakes in more than $2 million for the PGA Tour season that just ended.

Rob Schumacher-USA TODAY Sports

When Jordan Spieth finished the richest single season in golf history by pocketing the $10 million bonus that goes to the winner of the FedExCup, his caddie also cashed in.

Estimates of what Michael Greller, a former elementary school teacher, earned during the Summer of Spieth come in at something north of $2.3 million -- some $1.8 million more than Tiger Woods netted in another forgettable season for the former world No. 1.

Going by PGA Tour caddies’ standard incomes, according to Golf Digest, Greller would have banked five percent of his boss’ prize money for each cut made, seven percent for a top-10 finish and 10 percent for a win. Spieth won five times in 25 tour starts in 2015 -- the Masters, the U.S. Open, the Tour Championship, the Valspar Championship and the John Deere Classic -- and tallied 10 more top-10 results.

Spieth’s winnings from those tourneys equaled $12 million and put him at the top of the tour money list. Adding unofficial earnings from winning the Hero World Challenge ($1 million) and the FedEx Cup jackpot comes out to more than $23 million.

In sewing up the $10 million first prize for prevailing in the four-game postseason series, Spieth also surpassed the previous tour earnings record of $20.9 million, which Woods set in 2007.

Assuming the traditional caddie payouts, Greller likely enjoyed his 2014-2015 wraparound season to the tune of some $2,225,000 -- about $708,000 more than Phil Mickelson made during his lackluster campaign. He also out-earned some 220 other golfers on the tour money list.

"I have an opportunity now, with a year like this and a bonus like that, to celebrate and to share it with the people that have made it possible," Spieth said Sunday after his four-shot Tour Championship victory that won him the FedEx Cup.

"It allows me to now even more so, take care of the people that have given me this position and allowed this to happen. Like I always say, it is a team effort. A lot of behind the scenes work goes in when we're at home, when we're in the early stages and on course here," Spieth added. "The bonus that comes with the FedExCup Championship trophy allows me to now take care of even more so, our team and to keep them wanting to come back to me."

It seems there are worse ways to make a living than by lugging the bag for the world’s richest and best golfer.

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