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Rickie Fowler is playing golf in high tops and jogging pants

Big, big news in the first round of the new year over in Maui..

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Rickie Fowler is probably golf's greatest fashion iconoclast. It's been a signature of the Rickie brand since he's been on Tour. He mixes it up and has never worn the stereotypical or traditional stuff.

This week he's been prepping us for one of his more extreme departures from the typical golf uniform. Fowler has been wearing high-tops and joggers all week in Maui at the Hyundai Tournament of Champions. Now that they're playing a real, competitive round on TV, people are taking notice and starting to lose it.

It's the first week of 2016 and everyone usually wants to see what equipment or sponsor changes the players have but Fowler's shoe game is the kind of thing that becomes a significant topic at this laid-back start to the year.

He shared the full arsenal for the week on SnapChat on Wednesday night, so expect those Okie State high tops on Sunday.

fowler shoes

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