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Euro Tour golfer strips for unsuccessful shot attempt from a pond

If you're going to take your clothes off, make sure you swing hard enough to get your ball out of the hazard.

I can understand taking your shoes and socks off to try and save a stroke and attempt a shot from the water. But why does your shirt have to come off? Haydn Porteous was an extremely successful amateur, a high-level prospect, and has a nice Under Armour deal. It's probably not the same arrangement as Jordan Spieth, but I'm sure he has way too many free golf shirts to wear.

And if you are going to take all that time stripping down, don't start the half-measures with your swing. Porteous went at the water ball gently and could not pop it past the slope in front of him, the ball rolling right back over the hazard line.

Last week at the Phoenix Open, Jon Curran didn't need to take his shirt off when he waded into a man-made Scottsdale marsh and successfully got out of the hazard and onto the green.

Porteous does appear to be pretty cut, so perhaps this was an occasion to show it. But I'm not sure it's ever really necessary unless you think you might go full Woody Austin.