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Bill Murray spent the week at Pebble Beach throwing golf clubs and cell phones

The Pebble Beach Pro-Am staple had an eventful week launching things.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The annual Pebble Beach Pro-Am has unofficially become Billy Murray's show over the years. He gets all the air time and he definitely plays to the CBS cameras. Murray did not do anything too ridiculous this year -- he hoisted CBS reporter Dottie Pepper up for some involuntary crowd surfing at the 15th tee, hummed Adele as he set up and took a swing, signed a fan's head and went through the usual back-and-forth with the fans lining the ropes.

Perhaps his most notable moment of the week came in an amateur hole-in-one contest organized by Jim Nantz at the seventh. Murray hit a respectable shot and decided to celebrate by launching his club down to the that world-famous seventh green (or maybe it was an attempt to deposit it in the ocean).

That is a hell of a club toss -- A+.

A couple days later, Murray started chucking more objects, but this time in anger. Two fans reportedly tried to take a picture of Murray at a rooftop bar near Pebble Beach. The flashes were going off some 10 feet away, according to TMZ. This did not please him, so he took their phones and launched them off the rooftop bar. Murray left before the cops showed up, but he did admit to being there and was willing to pay for any damage.

Property damage ain't great, but here's hoping Murray keeps coming back to this Pebble event until he can no longer walk or make a swing.