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Tiger Woods tweets video of himself practicing to answer rumors that he can barely walk

Tiger back? Well, not yet, but at least he's not as decrepit as recent "reports" would have you believe.

Could Tiger Woods very well be strolling down Magnolia Lane in six weeks after all?

Remember those anonymous sources claiming Tiger Woods could barely walk? Well, that was so two days ago, if you believe the eff-you tweet the patient himself posted Wednesday morning.

Twitter, uh, seemed to notice the statement.

And on and on it went, just one little Tweet and simulator swing sending all of golf twitter into orbit for the entire morning.

Couple all that with that Davis Love III telling that his 2016 U.S. Ryder Cup captain can make the team as a player and, well, happy Wednesday.

Oh, and that’s a 9-iron Tiger was swinging with ease Wednesday morning.

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