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Irish golfer Shane Lowry is not sorry you heard him dropping f-bombs on TV

Shane Lowry tweets an all-world response after loudly calling himself a "f***king idiot" for the NBC microphones at the Honda Classic.

David Cannon/Getty Images

NBC announcers may have been compelled to apologize to viewers whose ears bleed each time they hear a golfer, or anyone else, say a dirty word, but Shane Lowry was having none of it.

Upon reaching the Bear Trap in Sunday’s finale of the Honda Classic, Lowry watched as playing competitor Smylie Kaufman splashed his tee shot into the ball-sucking water fronting the par-3 15th. Kaufman promptly snapped his club over his thigh in the frustration that only holes like 15 through 17 can provoke.

Not to be outdone, after his ball dropped into the hazard nowhere near land, Lowry dropped a couple of f-bombs heard ‘round PGA National.

A double-bogey there and a bogey on his way out of The Trap gave Lowry a 5-over 75 for his final-round efforts and he was in no mood to issue any mea culpa afterward.

Lowry earned nothing but accolades on Twitter for his refusal to give in to the hypocrites who would like to believe PGA Tour players are all choirboys. One can’t help but note, though, how many of those applauding Lowry’s performance demand a pound of flesh each time a certain 14-time major winner emits similar sentiments.

Same goes, by the way, for Rory McIlroy, who got off with nary a tsk tsk after blowing off reporters with an emphatic "No," after missing the cut on Friday, according to the New York Post. Seems to be quite the double standard where the rehabbing Tiger Woods is concerned, no?