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Bubba Watson backtracks and apologizes for comments ripping Phoenix Open

That did not take long. After a couple days of non-stop boos and heckles, Bubba Watson is sorry for that bad thing he said about the Phoenix Open.

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This is how things go when Bubba Watson has an outburst. He says something grumpy, out-of-line, or mind-boggling and unnecessarily joyless and then apologizes a couple hours or days later.

His comments crushing the Phoenix Open, one of the most celebrated and popular events in golf, were one of those occasions where the instant reaction was "Bubba, what the hell are you doing!?" On Wednesday just before the loudest and rowdiest tournament on Tour, Watson decided to "not PC it." He said he was "only here because of his sponsors" and then tore apart the course, particularly the recent Tom Weiskopf redesign.

That's something you might could maybe possibly say on your way out of town on Sunday, although it's still inadvisable. Saying it just before the event actually starts is just not smart, but this is Bubba. So he endured a few days of merciless heckling and booing from the party at the 16th, then delivered his usual mea culpa apologizing for his original comments.

I will have to say, I have to apologize, I used the wrong words. I have nothing against the fans and the tournament. The fans have been great. I love coming here. I've lived here every winter for eight years.

This is a beautiful place. And the reason why I'm here is because of the excitement around this golf tournament. The fans have been great.

I used words that I shouldn't have used. I didn't explain myself well. My wife says that too when I go home. I don't communicate very well.

You know, it was about the golf course. I'm not a fan of the golf course. I have said that for the -- this will make 10 years. But I'm here because of the excitement. How would you not be here to support the tournament that brings out the most people? Out of any tournament we play around the world, this brings out the most people that we ever see at a golf tournament. So how would I not be here? And I live here and it's beautiful here.

This official statement to the press came after a tweet once the avalanche of criticism directed at Bubba and his comments was already rolling.

I wrote then that I appreciated Bubba's honesty and ditching the phoniness, a label often lobbed his way. But Bubba either felt some genuine regret, perhaps brought on from the constant booing. Or the Tour and his sponsors -- the ones he cited as the only reason he was playing this week -- got to him too.

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