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Phil Mickelson can't stop tinkering with his equipment

David Cannon/Getty Images

Phil Mickelson has earned a well-deserved rep for ceaselessly tinkering with the tools of his trade — shoving two drivers in his bag, trading a big stick for a 3-wood, employing multiple grips on whatever putter he happens to favor on any given week.

The five-time major champion has also shown a flair for chewing the scenery, like when he’s pitching arthritis meds, caddying for LPGA Tour star Stacy Lewis, or earnestly contending how much tighter he and Tiger Woods are than "oil and water" (h/t Ron Sirak).

But in a new video from the supplier of the bats that fly in and out of his luggage, Lefty’s comic timing rises to the heights of a Peyton Manning ("Cut that meat!").

We suggest that the winner of 42 PGA Tour titles not give up his day job just yet, but kudos to the writers for imagining Phil dabbling with cooking utensils as much as he does with his cudgels.

If history is any indication, Mickelson — in better form to start the 2016 season than he has been in some time (three top-5 finishes in six starts) — will be back fiddling on the course at the Shell Houston Open the week before the Masters.