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PGA Tour pro attempts driver off the deck and shanks one into a fan

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Hitting driver off the fairway can be tricky, and Justin Thomas' slice into the crowd at the Valspar Championship demonstrated those perils.

Driver off the deck can be one of the most exciting shots in golf. It can also get dangerous, with little margin for error and the with multiple ways it can end in disaster, as Justin Thomas demonstrated on Saturday at the Valspar Championship.

Respect to JT for attempting the shot 268 yards out from a green surrounded by bunkers and with water running up the right side of the hole. But this is still one of the nastier and amusing shots you'll see this season, with the added bonus of a barrel rolling fan who assumed he was way outside the line of the fire (we can laugh, he was OK!).

And because this is the PGA Tour and these guys are better at this than probably anything you will ever be in your life, Thomas still finished the hole, that hideous slice included, with a birdie.