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Caddie Steve Williams is back for the Masters and talking Tiger Woods again

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Steve Williams says Tiger Woods’ workout habits are to blame for his back woes. He also believes his ex-boss will win again on the PGA Tour but his chase of Jack Nicklaus’ majors mark is over.

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Before Steve Williams returns to the PGA Tour as Adam Scott’s caddie at Augusta, Tiger Woods’ ex-looper took some time out to talk about how his former boss has only himself to blame for his current stint on the DL.

"I guess when he looks back, he might question some of the activities that he did, some of the gym work that he might have done that, you know, had all these injuries escalate," Williams, who handles the luggage for Scott on a part-time basis, told BBC Radio Live. "It is very hard to pinpoint how he has got to where he is now but I’d have to say there is a lot merit in [Woods’ injuries being caused by him training as an athlete rather than a golfer]."

Finally, someone has the guts to call Tiger out on overdoing it in the gym! Seriously, surely Brandel Chamblee, Johnny Miller and a host of other pundits have noticed that Woods’ maniacal gym regimen has had an adverse impact on the health of the 40-year-old superstar, who remains sidelined with a bad back. Guess it took the always-opinionated Stevie to tell it like it is.

Williams, whose tell-all book about Woods must be on the remainder shelf by now, believes the subject of Out of the Rough will win again on tour but expects him to get no closer to Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18 major titles.

"I don't doubt he will come back to the winner's circle," said Williams, who was on the bag for 13 of Woods’ 14 major victories. "He is a great competitor, he has an incredible work ethic — when he can work hard — and one thing he does know how to do is win.

"He has that ability to win even when he's not playing his best," Williams added. "But whether he comes back and wins major championships? That's going to be a very difficult task."

For the record, Williams’ erstwhile employer has not won a major since he dumped his New Zealand bagman in 2011 (his last such title, of course, was the 2008 U.S. Open). Stevie, though, was on the bag for his 14th major triumph when he guided Scott to the 2013 Masters victory.

Woods, still rehabbing from multiple back surgeries, will likely miss only his second Masters as an amateur or a pro when the Augusta festivities kick off in two weeks. Williams, on the other hand, will come out of semi-retirement to pick up the bag from David Clark for his 28th or 29th appearance at the Masters.

Scott has done rather well with Clark by his side. The Aussie has won two of his last three events, with a T2 at Riviera igniting his hot streak. The plan is for Williams to accompany Scott for all four majors this season and Clark to take over for the rest of the year.

"The plan is set," Scott said recently, according to multiple reports. "David is doing an amazing job and we are working very well together but you could offer Steve the job to any player in the world for Augusta and they are going to want to take him."

Well, almost any player.