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Even Jack Nicklaus gets stopped and questioned by security at the Masters

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The greatest golfer of all time with more green jackets than anyone has a tough time getting down Magnolia Lane.

Watch from behind the scenes what happened when I arrived to Magnolia Lane and the Masters this afternoon!

Posted by Jack Nicklaus on Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Magnolia Lane may be the hardest road to access in Georgia. The gate is always closed and a frosty security guard is always at the ready. If you try to check out streetview on Google Maps, all you get is a picture of a security guard chasing the Google camera car away.

That security is obviously amped up during Masters week with guards lining Magnolia Lane. But surely Jack Nicklaus, who has won six green jackets, more than anyone, and is one of the most famous faces in the world, can breeze right through to Founders Circle.

Nope, even Jack gets hassled a little bit the entire way down to the clubhouse. The moment when security realizes who they're pressing, the tone changes real quick in this amusing behind-the-scenes look.