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Jordan Spieth tries to dodge future ‘Crying Jordan’ meme

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Jordan Spieth plans every off-course move so totally that he worried as soon as he rubbed his face during a pre-Masters press conference that his woebegone expression may one day go viral.

Michael Madrid-USA TODAY Sports

Jordan Spieth is nothing if not media and, especially, social media-savvy. So after the globe-trotting reigning Masters champ tiredly rubbed his face while answering a question during a pre-tourney press conference on Tuesday, he immediately worried he had created his own version of the "Crying Jordan" meme.

"Me, doing that right there with the cameras is going to haunt me someday when I don’t have a good round," a smiling Spieth said to loud guffaws in the media center at Augusta National. "Always smile even if you’re -- "

No doubt, young Jordan -- a publicist’s dream for the way he casually drops sponsors’ names during conversations, as he did in the middle of his pre-Players Championship presser last year -- had an elder Jordan in mind after he dropped his guard for that nanosecond.

Michael Jordan and his long-ago-gone-viral weepy face was, of course, at the center of attention this week after being courtside as his alma mater, UNC, lost the NCAA men's basketball national championship game to Villanova at the buzzer.

...and Tiger's withdrawal from the Masters last week.