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Sergio Garcia 5-putts from 8 feet, makes quadruple bogey

Oh no Sergiooooooooooooooo.

As Ernie Els demonstrated last month at the Masters, sometimes the hardest part of golf is putting from inside 10 feet. It's especially traumatizing for guys like Els, who, ahem, may have a bit of history struggling with the putter.

Sergio Garcia is one of those guys, although we haven't seen those demons pop up much in recent years and his putting statistics have not been bad. But with the greens dramatically firmer and sped up from the first two days at The Players Championship, Sergio lost his mind around a difficult hole placement at the par-4 5th. The PGA Tour's ShotTracker just kind of gave up and started putting dots all around the hole.


It's not as bad as Ernie's six-putt from inside six feet, but it was a quadruple bogey mess that dropped him about 30 spots down the leaderboard.