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Rory McIlroy's club snaps in two after he angrily launches it down the fairway

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The Open is getting the best of Rory McIlroy, who will play with one less club Saturday after angrily snapping it in two at Royal Troon.

Rory McIlroy is a savant of the well-executed furious club toss, and he added one of his best to the library on Saturday at The Open.

It's been a frustrating week for McIlroy, who's hit the ball well enough tee-to-green but putted horribly and caught the wrong side of the weather draw at Royal Troon. The wind and rains of Friday afternoon largely eliminated his shot at a second Open Championship, and it hasn't been pretty on Saturday, either. That bubbled over with this 3-wood from the fairway, which, well, will no longer be in use for the third round.

This is probably slightly behind the heave into the lake at Doral last spring.

But definitely passes that moment of fury at Merion.


And, given that the club shattered in two, it definitely eclipses the launch from Wentworth last year.