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Phil Mickelson chastises photographers after wayward shot at The Open

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"That is so s**tty to do that!"

Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

Phil Mickelson was facing a tough fairway shot on the 18th hole at The Open, grinding to get back even with Henrik Stenson atop the leaderboard. With the ball below his feet, Mickelson made a swing and missed his mark to the left, putting the ball in a tough greenside pot bunker. Initially, it just looked like a bad shot but then the NBC microphones picked up Mickelson's furor with some photographers behind him.

First, Phil audibly blurted out, "That is so sh*tty to do that!" before following up with, "I get that you have to cover it, but don't interfere with!"

We don't see Phil get too mad at spectators or media like some other players, but there's occasionally a chastising. This was one of the more intense ones and it was all on the broadcast, making for an uncomfortable moment.