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Golfer punts his putter after botching short putt at PGA Championship

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Throwing a golf club is considered to be very poor form on a golf course. Punting a golf club would likely also be frowned upon, but if you do it as well as Patton Kizzire did here you should get a pass.

Kizzire missed a short putt during his first round of the PGA Championship. That's a frustrating moment at any time and even more so in a major. It resulted in him showing off some punting skills that could have NFL teams interested. It has to be pretty hard to punt a putter. Even with a short stride, Kizzire got some pretty good distance on this kick. He clearly has the pooch punt down.

While he pulled it off this time, punting a golf club is risky. Kick it wrong and damage it and you might wind up putting with your driver the rest of the round.