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Andrew 'Beef' Johnston hits blind shot over (or through?) PGA scoreboard

What the hell, let's just ignore that big structure in the way of the green.

Andrew "Beef" Johnston has been the star this week, first in New York on his personal burger tour, and now in Jersey at the PGA Championship. The media cannot really get enough of the affable Englishman, and shots like this will generate even more fans of his work on the course.

After a wild approach shot left his ball behind a PGA Championship scoreboard, Beef refused a drop that would not have given him much of an advantage and decided to just hit it over (or maybe through) the damn thing and up on the green to just a few feet. The chants of "beeeeeffff" came down and he high-fived his way up to the green.

Critics have said this week that the Beef has been overexposed but I cannot hate. He seems genuine as hell, is getting his while he can, and is happy to be out there interacting with the fans. He can't help it if the media wants more and more and keeps using terrible beef cliches. Play your game, Beef.