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Tiger Woods tries to sneak into Team USA Ryder Cup photo, gets tossed

Players only! Tiger gets tossed from the team photo.

We've seen Tiger Woods only a couple times over the past year as he stays out of the public eye while injured. But this week at the Ryder Cup, he'll be in front of the camera nonstop as an assistant captain. It will be awesome to have him around, even if he's not hitting a single shot. By all accounts, he's taking the role seriously and both Captain Davis Love III and the players, such as Phil Mickelson, have praised the work he's put into the prep and strategy for these matches.

But this is a new spot for Tiger -- at the competition but still on the sidelines, and for a moment, he got a little confused, or just wasn't having any of the photographers instructions to get the hell out of the shot that was for players only.