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Dustin Johnson, 2017 Masters favorite, might not play due to back injury

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He took a spill at his rental home.

The 2017 Masters just got a lot more interesting, but in a very unfortunate way. The world’s No. 1 player, Dustin Johnson, might not play according to a statement from his manager.

"At roughly 3:00 pm today, Dustin took a serious fall on a staircase in his Augusta rental home," the statement read. "He landed very hard on his lower back and is now resting, although quite uncomfortably. He has been advised to remain immobile and begin a regimen of anti-inflammatory medication and icing, with the hope of being able to play tomorrow."

ESPN’s Tom Rinaldi reported that Johnson was walking down stairs with hardwood floors in his socks and slipped falling on his lower back and elbows. Rinaldi also reported that the injury is muscular in nature and that Johnson will be reevaluated Friday morning.

A back injury is probably the worst thing a golfer can have happen, but particularly to a player like Johnson whose game has a lot to do with the fact that he absolutely torches the golf ball off the tee. He’s been top-three in driving distance in every season since 2013. If you want to see what back injuries can do to a golfer may I point you to: Woods, Tiger.

To say Johnson, who is the betting favorite, was hot coming into this tournament would be an understatement. Johnson’s won his last three starts and has been top-six in six of his last seven events. He joins Rory Mcllroy, Woods, and Greg Norman in an exclusive club.

But this isn’t just any major, it’s the Masters. And even if he plays, the fact that he likely won’t be anywhere near 100 percent is a shame given the torrid pace his game is at right now.