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2017 U.S. Open: Jason Dufner sticks it to Johnny Miller in Twitter defense of Justin Thomas’ record round

The Dufman fires off a Twitter defense after Johnny Miller dissed Justin Thomas’ record-breaking score of 63 at the U.S. Open.

Jason Dufner, he of the stone face and dispassionate on-course comportment, let the world know on Sunday morning just how ticked off he was that Justin Thomas’ mark-setting 9-under 63 in Saturday's third round of the U.S. Open received so little respect from the former record holder, among others.

Johnny Miller, who wastes no opportunity to remind the world he fired a 63 in the 1973 national championship at Oakmont, was less than gracious in acknowledging Thomas’ feat. The opinionated NBC golf analyst damned JT’s otherworldly accomplishment with faint praise when he told’s Ryan Lavner that 63 was “a heck of a score” — wait for it — “even if it was the Milwaukee Open.”

Miller, who posted his 63 in the final round of the ’73 Open on a par-71 course, was unimpressed that Thomas achieved his (a U.S. Open scoring record relative to par) on a par-72 track that offered players wide fairways and soft conditions.

Dufner, who missed the cut but was clearly paying close attention to the goings-on at Erin Hills, was just warming up early on Open Sunday.

But we’ll let Thomas have the last word.

“I wish he [Miller] was calling it just to hear what he would have said,” Thomas said following Saturday’s stellar play. “It’s a tremendous honor to tie him.”

And that’s how you do that, Johnny.