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Jordan Spieth plays shot from British Open driving range after wild drive

This 30-minute mess will go down in Open history as one of the most bizarre bogeys.

The Open Championship turned into a summer hike across the English countryside on Sunday afternoon when Jordan Spieth sent his tee shot at the 13th hole miles right of the fairway.

The entire ordeal lasted a half-hour, and started with a drive that had Spieth in the surrender cobra position as Protracer showed his ball sailing off the entire hole.

The crowd swelled around what it thought was his ball, only to discover the search party needed to continue. Eventually, the tee shot was located on the other side of a massive dune, leading to some dramatic overhead shots that amplified just how far off the course Spieth had gone.

Spieth's ball was at the bottom of that dune and tangled in some of the thicker hay. So he decided to take an unplayable lie and go way the hell back onto the middle of the driving range, looking for line-of-sight relief behind some damn equipment trucks that lined the range. It was an incredible scene and attempt to get back into play and not implode his major championship hopes.

The overhead shot from NBC showed how far Spieth NOW was from the fairway, and the ongoing rules discussion over where he'd drop was interminable.

After more than 20 minutes since his tee shot, and with his playing partner Matt Kuchar taking a knee back on the fairway, Spieth finally played his shot ... over the range ... over the dunes ... and back to the hole.

It was not the worst play, all things considered. The hole took a half hour but Spieth's shot from the range and back into play left him with and up-and-down for bogey, which he converted. The number on the scorecard, however, tells nothing of this 30-minute story.