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Tony Romo plays the perfect golf shot from the carpet of a beer tent

Romo found the outdoor perch of a hospitality bar at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am and then went to work for a third straight birdie.

We’re not even 40 days into 2019, but Tony Romo is having himself a year. There was that AFC title game when Romo’s skills at predicting plays became almost as much a part of the game as the outcome itself. Then he got to call his first Super Bowl alongside burnt-toast appreciator Jim Nantz. And now, just five days removed from the biggest stage in sports, he’s teeing it up at the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am.

Romo, as we’re often reminded, is an ace amateur golfer with his handicap hovering somewhere around scratch. He can’t hang with the pros, as we’ve seen in a couple attempts to quality for the U.S. Open and in one underwhelming week as a sponsor’s exemption on the PGA Tour last year. But he is a hell of a player and he’s showing it as Jim Furyk’s celebrity partner at Pebble Beach.

After making two birdies in a row in Friday’s second round, Romo yanked one hard left at the 15th hole. The commentators worried it may have broken a window of a house down the left side and Romo hit a second tee shot fearing it may have landed out-of-bounds. But not only did it stay in play, it landed in a perfect lie on the carpet of some hospitality tent set up on the hole. Doing a Phil Mickelson impression, Romo played it from the carpet and was able to spin it to just inches for his third straight birdie.

It’s never ideal when you’re moving different patio furniture before playing a golf shot, but the carpet lie is not bad! This is not an easy shot, by any means. It makes for a fun visual, too. But it could be a lot worse and you can pick it clean and even spin it, as Romo demonstrated.

The touch to fly it the perfect distance is obviously incredible and the latest demo of Romo’s many talents. He’s also wearing a Cypress Point hat, which means he likely played one of the two or three best and hardest-to-get-into golf courses in the country at some point this week. It’s been a good year.