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Adidas is making Waffle House shoes for The Masters


The Masters are right around the corner, and with it a chance to explore the cultural delights of Georgia, like ... Waffle House.

Adidas are releasing waffle-themed golf shoes in celebration of Augusta, and by extension the world’s greatest diner chain, Waffle House — which originated in the Atlanta metro area.

I have some fairly strong feelings about these shoes. I really wish I understood the focus on waffles when other companies decide to engage with Waffle House. I know it’s in the name, but anyone who’s frequented Waffle House knows the star of the restaurant isn’t the waffle, it’s the hash browns. I know it’s not nearly as sexy to put hash browns on a shoe, but they’re the absolute can’t-miss item on the menu.

If I take someone to Waffle House for the first time I tell them the waffles are fine, which they are — but it’s an afterthought. They are nothing compared to scattered, smothered, covered and topped. That’s hash browns with cheese, onions and mushrooms for the uninitiated.

Would I like to see more props to the humble and perfect hash browns? Sure. Would I buy these waffle shoes if they weren’t made for golf? Also yes.