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John Daly’s drunken Taco Bell order will blow you away

The big hitter got carried away with a delivery order from the fast food chain Taco Bell

John Daly Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

John Daly has made headlines for his unique antics for over three decades.

His hilarious and relatable quotes, his love of diet coke and Hooters, and his chain-smoking habits on the course have made him quite polarizing.

Yet, Daly always has a following whenever he shows up to an event to play. He has been a fan favorite since his out-of-nowhere victory at the 1991 PGA Championship at Crooked Stick.

He also won The Open Championship at St. Andrews in 1995, which only added to his stardom and fame.

Hence, many were disappointed to hear that Daly withdrew from the 2023 PGA Championship at Oak Hill this week due to injury.

But the “grip it and rip it” golfer made headlines this week when he posted the below receipt to his Instagram story:

John Daly’s Uber Eats order.

Daly spent almost $450 at Taco Bell.

Along with his receipt, he included the caption, “Don’t drink and order taco bell on uber eats.”

Within this screenshot, his followers could see that Daly ordered five grilled cheese burritos, ten crunchy taco supreme’s, ten spicy double steak grilled cheese burritos, and one beef burrito.

He must have had much more to this massive order, but unfortunately, the rest of the receipt is cut off.

Did Daly order this all for himself? Or was he having fun with some company? The latter is probably likelier, but spending over $400 on a delivery order is hilarious and ridiculous—two words that adequately describe Daly’s professional golf career.