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Michael Block leaves father and son in tears with amazing moment at Charles Schwab

The Southern California teaching pro had another heartwarming moment despite missing the cut at the Colonial.

Charles Schwab Challenge, Michael Block Getty Images

Despite finishing dead last at the Charles Schwab Challenge, Michael Block continued to warm the hearts of golf fans everywhere.

On the course, he struggled, likely due to his mentally tolling week.

But off the course, Block remained true to himself: the father of two, the local club pro, and a teacher.

Following his second round Friday, when Block shot a 4-over 74 to finish in last place, Block connected with a young Texas boy, signed an autograph for him, and took a video for him to send to his father:

“Hey Slade, greatly appreciate your support,” Block said to the boy’s father in the video. “Your boy is awesome. So good job being a father. Love you. Michael Block.”

Considering men’s professional golf is currently divided, Block’s selfless love for his fans is a great departure from the various tirades between players and golf media members.

But his love did not stop there.

The boy later called his father and brought his phone so Block could speak to him.

“Hey Michael, my dad is on the phone,” the boy said while walking through a crowd.

“Okay, let me talk to him,” Block responded.

“Slade, how are you doing?” Block said to the boy’s father. “I have like two seconds here, but I just want to say your kid is an awesome kid. Good job raising him. Cheers, brother.”

On top of this, the boy shared that he had a touching moment when Block made his hole-in-one on the 15th hole at Oak Hill.

He and his father teared up when watching it, proving that golf is more about family and relationships than anything else.