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Harry’s World Tour break has Harry Styles at St. Andrews drawing epic crowds

Superstar Harry Styles is an avid golfer, and he took on the Home of Golf where he gained a ton of attention.

Harry Styles, St. Andrews Robert Hanashiro / USA TODAY NETWORK

Harry Styles took a break from his grueling world tour to tee it up for 18-holes at the home of golf, St. Andrews Golf Club. There was no golf tournament. Nevertheless, the crowds that gathered to see the megastar mimicked those at the Open Championship.

Styles is an avid golfer, so it’s not surprising to see him take some time away from the tour to play on one of the best courses in the world. It isn’t unusual to see celebrities playing golf, but what was wild were the massive crowds.

He is growing the game by just being out on the course, and the various tweets from his time at St. Andrews were capturing people's attention all over Twitter.

These photos look like he was playing in a Pro-Am event ahead of the Open Championship, but nope, it was a typical day at St. Andrews. Some professional golfers that played at the 150th Open Championship at St. Andrews didn’t get the applause that Styles did. Styles is used to garnering Beatle-like crowds wherever he goes.

Styles was likely trying to enjoy a day off from his tour, but word got out, and the masses came. Granted, part of St. Andrews runs through the town, so there are always people around, but when millennials — no, all ages find out a superstar is there, they flock to him.

People caught him playing a shot at the infamous Road Hole. To cap off the round, he received a huge roar from the crowd when he tapped in on the 18th. He provided an awesome reaction for the crowd after finishing his round.

The Today Show and even the Open Championship’s social media got in on the action with a segment and a One Direction pun caption, highlighting his time when he was a boyband early on in his career.

Styles is playing in Edinburgh, UK, at BT Murrayfield Stadium on May 26 and 27, per his tour website, before heading to France. The users in this last video are catching his Saturday show, and the superstar acknowledged them by giving a thumbs up of appreciation.

No one has reported what Styles shot in his round, but it looks like he enjoyed the “Daylight” and had people “Daydreaming” after seeing him up close and personal at St. Andrews.