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Photo Of The Day: Scenes From Sunday, Week 4

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Every day, will celebrate a random photo series from the past or present, making your morning a little more colorful.

Everyone always says they're going to stay friends, but then...

(*clears throat*)



The fourth NFL Sunday is in the books! More photos, and lots of pink, after the jump.

In case you didn't notice the sudden influx of hot pink around the league... It was breast cancer awareness day around the NFL yesterday.

104693956_medium 104690585_medium 104695175_medium

You know who clearly doesn't care about cancer though? Falcons QB Matt Ryan. Not an inch of pink on there.


What are they laughing about here? I bet Matt Ryan told a cancer joke.


Meanwhile, Tracy Porter's not messing around.


"Perfection is the goal and I'm headed to the pylon" -- Weezy Friday


Miles away from perfection or the pylon: Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Buffalo Bills!


And finally, SACKDANCE!

104693189_medium 104693183_medium 104693180_medium

Lots of gesticulating, and multiple steps involved there. Not bad. Although if we're grading this weekend's sack dances, New York's Barry Cofield clearly set the curve last night.

Plus: Jay Cutler in pain.


Happy Monday!

(All photos via Getty Images)