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We have a new Worst Call of the Month

Ronald Martinez

A few months ago, Larry Granillo gave us a detailed analysis of the "neighborhood play" -- you know, where the umpire gives a middle infielder a force-out at second base, just sorta because hey why the hell not? -- and Larry essentially concluded that while the neighborhood play wasn't/isn't dead, it's probably on life support. There are just too many replays on television, plus (we hope) the umpires are more conscientious these days.

And then you've got the bottom of the second inning Wednesday night. Watch this:

Really, second-base umpire Dan Iassogna? That's your final answer?

You can't see this in that clip, but Iassogna totally bailed out Pedroia, who fumbled a one-hop liner before throwing (too late) to Stephen Drew. The only consolation for the Tigers: Drew didn't get the relay to first base in time for the double play, and the Tigers scored three runs later in the inning. So they're up 5-0 after two frames, and have a fantastic chance of evening the series at two games apiece.

None of which absolves Iassogna for his brutal call, probably the worst we've seen this month.