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Prince Fielder's flop

Almost! Good effort!

If you need context for this: Prince Fielder is bad at fielding, and for the last three weeks, he's been bad at hitting. That leaves baserunning. Welp ...

With the bases loaded and no outs, the contact play was on. Or was it? Fielder came halfway, just long enough for the runner at first to be tagged out. That left Fielder in a rundown.

It was spectacular. Think tanks couldn't come up with situational baserunning that bad. If Fielder didn't stop running, there's a decent chance he would have scored. There's an excellent chance that the bases would have still been loaded with one out.

But this was even worse. So much worse.

The Tigers didn't score another run.

That's probably not a bad omen, or anything. Nope, nope.