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2014 World Series odds

It's never too early for World Series odds! Even before the Dodgers sign Masahiro Tanaka, Shin-Soo Choo, Jacoby Ellsbury, Robinson Cano, Brian McCann, and Matt Garza, they're still considered the favorites to win the World Series next year. Courtesy of Bovada:

Odds to win the 2014 World Series
Los Angeles Dodgers 7/1
Detroit Tigers 9/1
Boston Red Sox 10/1
St. Louis Cardinals 10/1
Washington Nationals 10/1
Los Angeles Angels 14/1
Atlanta Braves 16/1
Cincinnati Reds 16/1
New York Yankees 16/1
Oakland Athletics 16/1
Tampa Bay Rays 16/1
Texas Rangers 16/1
San Francisco Giants 18/1
Cleveland Indians 20/1
Baltimore Orioles 25/1
Pittsburgh Pirates 25/1
Toronto Blue Jays 25/1
Kansas City Royals 33/1
Philadelphia Phillies 33/1
Arizona Diamondbacks 40/1
Chicago White Sox 50/1
Milwaukee Brewers 50/1
Seattle Mariners 50/1
Chicago Cubs 66/1
Colorado Rockies 66/1
San Diego Padres 66/1
Minnesota Twins 75/1
New York Mets 75/1
Miami Marlins 200/1
Houston Astros 250/1

Angels, huh? All we know is that a team on the bottom half of the list is going to win. Rockies? Diamondbacks? Blue Jays? All we know is that it will make sense at the time, even if it's completely batty right now. Congratulations, 2014 World Champion Chicago Cubs.

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