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Buy Curt Schilling's plants

Jared Wickerham

You were just about to buy plants from someone who wasn't famous, weren't you? Why do that when you can buy Curt Schilling's plants. And vases. And sofa. And golf cart. And copy of 8 Mile. And Scrabble game. And stuffed Pickachu. And subtle bathrobe. And ... whatever in the hell this is. It could all be yours.

Yes, Curt Schilling is having an estate sale.

No, the bloody sock is not for sale, but exquisite furniture, decor and other home furnishings will all be for sale. What a wonderful opportunity, and we are truly pleased to bring you this exceptional estate sale that will knock your Sox off!

Ha! You'll have go to Medfield, MA in person if you want some of this stuff, but I'm okay with virtually sifting through his crap. Can't stop, really.