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But did Tony La Russa know Van Lingle Mungo?

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At the beginning of his managerial career, Tony La Russa — who was just elected to the Hall of Fame — appeared on To Tell the Truth, a game show wherein two impostors ... here, you can figure it out.

A few observations:

1) Rita Moreno is one of the few legitimate EGOT winners (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony). No bullshit spoken-word Grammys or honorary Tonys on her resumé. I'm looking in your direction, James Earl Jones ...

Baseball's version of the EGOT is the MCR (MVP, Cy Young, and Rookie of the Year), which has been won by just two players: Don Newcombe and Justin Verlander.

2) Nipsey Russell, who was sort of a professional game show panelist in the '70s and '80s, obviously confused the White Sox with the Cubs, who still didn't have lights in 1980.

3) One of the impostors says Bill Veeck was the owner, president, and general manager of the club. In fact, the White Sox general manager who both hired and fired La Russa was Hawk Harrelson. I'm pretty sure they hate each other's guts, so here's hoping La Russa brings it up at his Hall of Fame induction next summer.

4) Any one of us would quickly expose the impostors with a few pointed questions about personnel, rules, etc. Imagine being a panelist and new Cubs manager Rick Renteria was one of the contestants. Even if you didn't recognize him on sight, you'd probably suss out the frauds in about ten seconds. Honestly, the state of baseball knowledge among B-list celebrities in the 1970's was appalling.

5) I'm guessing Moreno probably knew Van Lingle Mungo from this super weird song: