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Agents fight in Winter Meetings parking lot


These are boring Winter Meetings so far. The big moves were made last week, and this week is more about Epcot Center and drinks with umbrellas in them, if Twitter is any guide.

Then a wild tweet appeared ...

Good gravy. Maybe it was Jay Z and Sc ...

Right. Looks like that was covered. I totally wasn't going to make that joke anyway.

Jeff Passan of Yahoo! wrote it up, and he got a hilarious Zapruder film of the incident.

Stay the [expletive] away from my guy!" one man yelled, according to witnesses who described the chaotic – and amusing – scene to Yahoo Sports in exchange for anonymity.

Literally the exact same quote from the famous Betty/Veronica scrap from '54. No word yet on the agents involved, but there's nothing wrong with picturing Dave Stewart and Gary Sheffield taking wild swings at each other.