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Hot Corner Book Club: A-Rod's memoir? You first.

Al Bello

You probably thought Alex Rodriguez would never write a book! Because he doesn't read books, and also because it just wouldn't be worth his time. Wrong! From Tuesday's New York Post:

Alex Rodriguez is about to seal a multimillion dollar deal for a tell-all book about his legal battle with MLB, with which he plans to lift the lid on the "full dirt of Major League Baseball's tactics" he claims have been used against him.

Sources exclusively tell Page Six that HarperCollins and Random House are two of the top publishers battling for the real A-Rod story, and that a deal could be signed in the next few weeks.


A source tells us: "A number of publishers are vying for the book, with offers coming in over $5 million. Alex has met with several publishers over the past few weeks and has meetings with others right after the new year.

"This book is going to go into the real low-down dirt of MLB tactics and collusion with the Yankees to get him out of the game."

This figures to be the classic example of the book you should not read, except for the excerpts that will appear everywhere just before the book is available to the public.

When Jose Canseco's first book came out in 2005, I did read every page. But only because someone was paying me to read every page. I've not read any of Canseco's further literary efforts -- well, Twitter was fun for a while -- and I don't intend to. The problem with memoirs by people who look at the world with a mirror is that they don't tell you anything you didn't already know. We know Alex Rodriguez still has the personality of an adolescent. We know he pays little attention to the world around him. We know the rest of us are merely bit players in the grand drama that's his sprawling epic of a life story.

I'm okay with all of it. I just don't need to read a book about it, unless there's a check involved.