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The best and worst seasons of the 21st century

Duane Burleson

... by position and according to Wins+*. First, the best:

Pos Year Player Team wRC+ Wins+ Notes
C 2009 Joe Mauer Twins 170 15.5 Virtual tie with Buster Posey in 2012.
1B 2009 Albert Pujols Cardinals 180 18.4 Would you take the over or under on an .810 OPS in 2014?
2B 2009 Ben Zobrist Rays 152 17.1 The underratedest.
3B 2004 Adrian Beltre Dodgers 161 19.3 Comfortably over the standards for HoF third basemen.
SS 2002 Alex Rodriguez Rangers 158 18.6 Still has more innings at SS than 3B.
LF 2001 Barry Bonds Giants 235 24.4 "Pete in. Juicers out."
CF 2012 Mike Trout Angels 166 20.9 Like a comic book version of a ballplayer. In a good way.
RF 2001 Sammy Sosa Cubs 186 20.2 Amazing season overshadowed by Bonds.

... and the least best:

Pos Year Player Team wRC+ Wins+ Notes
C 2001 Michael Barrett Expos 63 -2.4 Was envy of MLB when he socked Pierzynski in the jaw.
1B 2009 Aubrey Huff 2 Teams 77 -3.9 Two rings, four or five All-Star type seasons. Great career.
2B 2007 Craig Biggio Astros 70 -3.1 Farewell tour. He didn't fare too well.
3B 2001 Geoff Blum Expos 66 -2.3 No video on the web of his game-winning HR in 2005 WS.
SS 2002 Neifi Perez Royals 39 -5.0 "Push Neifi out now? This guy has saved us." - Dusty Baker
LF 2011 Raul Ibanez Phillies 90 -3.8 Just turned down 7-year offer from Jack Z.
CF 2005 Bernie Williams Yankees 85 -3.8 Already enshrined in Hall of Fame for smooth jazz.
RF 2012 Jeff Francoeur Royals 76 -3.8 "The Natural."

* Composite Wins Above Replacement. FanGraphs WAR plus Baseball-Reference WAR. Invented by Rob Neyer.