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Learn to hit the Babe Ruth way

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The Bambino teaches a boy to hit — and dishes out a few life lessons ...

A few observations.

1) There sure were a lot of orphans in that town.

2) Imagine if a kid wandered into the batting cage while David Ortiz was taking batting practice, and stood in the opposite batter's box while Papi took a few rips. And this kid wasn't wearing a helmet or any kind of protective gear. That would be horrifying, right? People would literally scream. That's exactly what happens in the film.

3) You get the feeling the Babe is only paying lip service to the importance of the bunt.

Babe: Now, did you get that?

Fred: Sure. Is this right? [Holds bat as if to bunt]

Babe: Well, it's pretty close. Now I'm gonna show you how to hit.

Translation: Don't worry about it, kid, bunting will be extinct in ten years. I hit 60 home runs last season. Bunting is stupid.

Favorite quotes:

There's two kinds of hitters, a choke-hitter and a swing-hitter.

Who's your favorite choke-hitter? Mine's Ron Washington.

Swing-hitting is the most popular style.

Still true today.

I favor this style of hitting, but I often strike out.