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I love you 8-man bullpen!

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So this is a little complicated, but I'll try to make it simple.

Sunday afternoon, the Diamondbacks were visiting the Brewers. The D-backs were up 6-4 in the ninth, but J.J. Putz gave up a couple of runs so they headed into extra stanzas. The 10th inning was uneventful. The 11th inning was eventful.

In the top of the frame, John Axford gave up a leadoff double and a long home run to pinch-hitter Eric Hinske; it's the fourth homer Axford's given up in four outings this season but that's a whole 'nother story.

In the bottom of the frame, Heath Bell, another troubled soul, came in to pitch for the Arizonans. After the leadoff man flied out, the next three guys hit singles to make the score 8-7 and put runners on first and third with Rickie Weeks coming up ... and, because of an earlier double-switch, pinch-hitter Ryan Braun on deck! No problem!

Except Weeks struck out, and Braun, nursing an injury, was never announced. Instead, Brewers manager Ron Roenicke turned to ... KYLE LOHSE.

Because he was out of position players. Because he's carrying ONE MILLION PITCHERS on his roster. Well, almost.

Hey, that's as good a theory as any.