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Jonathan Daniel

Over at, Paul Lukas and Jim Caple have put together a seeded uniforms tournament; Monday the first round went up, with the Tigers and the Cardinals getting first-round byes. I can't figure out how the White Sox got a No. 3 seed, except that maybe Caple (who did the American League) just likes black uniforms.

Anyway, I voted and was right in line with all but two of the 14 match-ups. I have the Angels over the Twins in a close one, because I don't like the "Twins" lettering on their home jerseys. And I prefer the Mets over the Nationals, but again that's a close one.

It's funny, esthetics are all about taste, but that doesn't mean we don't have common tastes. Of the 14 match-ups, 11 of the winners took at least two-thirds of the vote. Here are the closest results so far:

55% Nationals
45% Mets

61% Reds
39% Mets

59% Twins
41% Angels

There are, of course, biases in the voting. But my only real complaint is that it's really a jerseys tournament, as we're not treated to images of the pants or caps. Or for that matter, any of the alternate liveries.

Anyway, next Monday a winner will be declared. I'll bet you a buck it's the Cardinals.