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Orioles working toward all-knuckleballer staff


Not even two weeks ago in this space, I noticed the Orioles seem to be collecting nascent knuckleballers. They've got Eddie Gamboa, who's pitching perfectly well in Class AA, plus Zach Staniewicz was in extended spring training, hoping to earn a roster spot with a minor-league club down the line.

Well, it now seems the O's are adding to their collection:

Clark's already beaten long odds once. Undrafted, he signed with the Orioles in 2006, just shy of his 23rd birthday. Last week, after countless trips back and forth between various minor-league clubs, he made it to the majors and pitched in a game!

But that was it: He got five outs, gave up three runs, and was sent to the waiver wire. At best, he seems to be a replacement-level pitcher and those guys aren't hard to find.

Maybe Buck Showalter saw something in him, though. As Rosenthal points out, Showalter was managing the Rangers when that club turned R.A. Dickey into a knuckleballer.

Of course, it took Dickey about four years to become a good (angry) knuckleballer. If nothing else, you have to admire the Orioles' willingness to take the long view here.