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Other than the stadium collapsing, Mrs. Busch, how was the game?

A fun (by which I mean slightly horrifying) tidbit from a recent Will Leitch podcast:

Leitch: I was actually down the field [of Busch Stadium] a couple years ago ... It was 2007, so the stadium was fairly new, and I was talking to an usher down there, who'd worked at the old Busch for like 30 years, and we were still kind of adjusting to the new park at that point. I'm like, "So what do you think of the place?" He's like, "Oh, this place is going to collapse someday." I was like, "Wait, wait, what was that?" [laughs] He said, "Oh yeah, they spared every expense because they had to pay for it themselves." And I was like, "Oh, well that's good to know. That's good to know."

Joe Sheehan: And you start to look around, every time you take a step you're like, "Is the concrete going to --"

Leitch: Oh, yeah. Every time it gets really loud now, I start looking up.

... in the hope that ours is a merciful God, no doubt.


I'm a mom. [Puts grocery bag on the counter.] My kids are important to me. I don't want them to wind up at the bottom of a pile of rubble in some shoddily built, self-financed stadium. That's why I'm voting "Yes" on Prop. 37, to impose a quarter-cent sales tax increase to fund a new downtown ballpark ...