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The Worst Baseball Writing of THIS Month

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Jennifer Stewart

Last Christmas, in the spirit of the season, we chose The Worst Baseball Writing of the Year.

Last month we got a head start on 2013 with our first candidate, Dan Shaughnessy's bizarre David Ortiz takedown. Yes, we could be forgiven for thinking that Shaughnessy -- whose new book with Terry Francona is quite good, by the way! -- had already wrapped up the 2013 title.

Ah, but never let us underestimate the ability of desperate, deadline-pressed columnists to trot out the old clichés while setting their journalistic phasers on stupid. Hey, here's one now!

The counting craze that once was cute and chic is now all but ruining America’s second favorite past-time.

Scores of math whizzes, nerds and live-in-their-parent’s-basement geeks are threatening to turn Royals at Rangers into a Bobby Fisher vs. Boris Spassky chess match, minus the intellect.

You can read the rest if you really want, but I'm going to spare you th-- Nah, you're not getting off that easy. Here's another gem!

A few weeks ago, Rangers manager Ron Washington was the second coming of noted arm destroyer Dusty Baker, when he had the audacity to allow Yu to throw 130 pitches against the Detroit Tigers.

Let the man pitch the baseball on the baseball field.

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That last sentence would actually be sort of amusing, except I don't think anyone's trying to be amusing.

In the interest of late-Christmas charity, I won't reproduce any more one-sentence paragraphs. Because I'm a super-nice guy and stuff, and I really just want to write the Internet on the Internet.

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