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How to get an uninterested person interested in the Home Run Derby

Let's say you have a problem. Your roommate, significant other, family member, what have you, doesn't want to watch the Home Run Derby. You, being a red-blooded American, can't get enough dingers in your life. You want to watch. There's a fight over the remote. You might lose.

So the goal is to convince someone that this stuff is exciting. Here's the problem: The Home Run Derby is boring as all hell.

via Natto

Yes. Indeed. So you're going to have to make up a story.

"Did you hear about last year's Derby?"

No. Of course they haven't.

"Oh, man. It hit the fan last year. Things were crazy."

They'll ask what happened.

Don't tell them. Just show them a picture. Courtesy of Justin Bopp's Photoshop skills, we have several options for you.

You ... don't have to use that last one. It's ... yeah, leave that one out.

When your mark exhibits surprise and/or shock and/or interest in the Home Run Derby, that's when you tell them that Robinson Cano is the captain of the AL team again. Things could get a little wild. Everyone's going to be watching, you know.

Don't thank me now. Thank me when you are watching the Home Run Derby and hating every second of it, wondering why you're watching the Home Run Derby. It's my gift to you.